The circle is a universal symbol that is rich in meaning and ancient and primal in origin. It represents wholeness, totality, the cycles of life and time, original perfection, unity, completeness and eternity.


You might be seeking therapy because you’re feeling stressed and unsupported. Perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety, panic or depressed moods. You might be experiencing chronic dissatisfaction, anger or disappointment without knowing why. Maybe it's uncertainty or confusion about yourself or your life and its direction. Perhaps feelings of hopelessness, despair or fear are interfering with your quality of life and the relationships and connections you desire.


Sometimes unexpected life transitions can shake up stable ground. The shock or trauma of an ending in your life may leave you with grief that is difficult to process. Relationship trouble, difficulties setting appropriate boundaries and/or honest and clear communication can seem daunting or worrisome, maybe impossible. Perhaps it is substance use, a medical diagnosis, or struggles with authenticity and self-expression. Or you may be seeking therapy because of avoidance, emotional pain, feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, lack of faith and meaning and/or difficulty finding love, compassion and respect for yourself. 


Sometimes the problem or concern is overwhelming and particularly complex, while other times it can be less so, yet still helpful to process, think about or talk through with a therapist.


Whatever it is that brings you to the possibility of trying talk therapy --- reaching out for the support is a first step to realizing that if you sense it can help you, it is available to you --- and that exploring options or alternatives for your mental health and well-being is a sign of strength, open-mindedness and willingness to be introspective and thoughtful.


Having the support of a therapist could be a stepping stone to better manage what is troubling you. It may help you sort through your emotions, thoughts and experiences and perhaps arrive at more clarity and security - within yourself - and about your current circumstances. It’s also nice to talk and have someone listen closely and empathically, and sometimes nice to be engaged with in a lively way. I will do both with you and wherever you find yourself in our work together, I’ll do my best to meet you there.


Empowerment and growth through interpersonal connection is both the process and the goal of relational therapy. This means that finding the right fit between client and therapist is important.

"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Eliot 

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